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Photo Grocery Our grocery department carries the widest selection available on Whidbey Island. With over 50,000 items, you are sure to find what you need! We have many store brands and national brands along with organic and natural items.

We have a wide selection of gluten, wheat & dairy free items throughout the store.  Also, on the pet aisle you can find Fresh Pet dog & cat food. Your pets will love it!

On our natural foods aisle, we have the largest selection of organic items along with our bulk foods. Check out all of the organic spices. Many of them are less expensive than the national brands!

Photo Bulk Bin


In our Dairy department we carry a wide variety of yogurts, including dairy-free, soy & other alternative yogurts. There is also a large variety of dairy free, soy & organic milk available, including Golden Glen Creamery milk.

When it comes to seasonal items, we always have a great selection! Everything from Valentine chocolates to summer fun items, wicker baskets to Christmas candy and novelties.

If you can’t find what you need, just let us know & we will try and get it for you.Photo Haba


Join us in supporting our local manufacturers. We proudly carry: Whidbey’s Coffee, Whidbey Ice Cream, Alternative Grains, Sunshine Sauce, Scream ‘n Banshee, Mr. Mobley’s

Tom Brown- Store Director
Dallis Ferguson - Grocery Manager
Deanne Alpers - Variety Manager
Pam Grey Horse - Natural & Specialty Manager
Neil Hornshaw - Frozen Foods Manager
Ann Tuttle - Price Coordinator Manager

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